Answering Your Questions About Professional Whitening

Questions about Professional Whitening

Most people realize that they could improve their smiles through professional whitening, but some may be hesitant because they have unanswered questions about what it will entail. Others might not think there is anything special or different about professional whitening compared to over-the-counter products. If you have been waiting to find out more about whitening, the start of the new year is a great time to learn. And since whitening treatment can be completed very quickly, you could actually kick the year off with a brighter smile, and renewed confidence to go along with it.

How Long Will Treatment Take?

Professional whitening treatment generally takes a few weeks to complete, but it can provide far more reliably dramatic results than most over-the-counter options. That’s because a cosmetic dentist can supply you with professional-grade whitening products that are designed to be both effective and, more importantly, safe.

Since the last thing you want to do, while trying to improve the appearance of your smile, is to cause damage to your teeth’s enamel, it is important to choose a safe treatment, whether that be professional or otherwise. While there are safe whitening products at the drugstore, they may not be able to provide the dramatic results you desire, and overuse of them can lead to damaging the enamel. So make sure you stick to the guidelines provided, and if you’re unhappy with past attempts to lighten your teeth, consider calling your cosmetic dentist who can provide you with more efficient products than the drugstore has to offer.

How Can You Keep Your Smile Shining?

After treatment, it is important to keep up a great preventive care routine, in order to keep your smile looking its best. That way you won’t need whitening touchups anytime soon.

This should include daily flossing and brushing, as well as bi-annual checkups, which are a great chance to remove any plaque that has built up. Remember, plaque can cause both cosmetic and health concerns, so it’s important to have it removed at least once every six moths, possibly more if you’re prone to cavities or have been struggling with gum disease.

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