A Younger Looking Smile: Professional Whitening Part One

Younger Smile Professional Whitening

Many people think that teeth stains are an unavoidable part of growing older, like developing wrinkles or greying of the hair. While you may not be bale to prevent all stains from forming over time, it hardly means you have to settle for a dingy-looking smile. Professional teeth whitening can help turn back the clock, metaphorically speaking, by eliminating deep staining and discoloration. And understanding the primary causes of tooth stains can help you prevent them in the future. If you want to restore the brilliance of your natural smile, and to look and feel younger and more confident, professional teeth whitening can help!

How Your Dentist Can Enhance Your Smile’s Natural Beauty

Even if you have a perfectly symmetrical and healthy smile, stains or discolorations can greatly detract from its attractiveness. Considering your smile is one of your greatest assets, it is important to keep it looking its best. Plus, a stain-free smile can make you feel – and look – considerably younger.

Many cosmetic dentists offer a variety of professional whitening options catered to fit your needs. If you don’t have sensitive teeth and want quick results, for instance, they may recommend a maximum strength gel that should be worn nightly until ideal results have been achieved, such as Nite White.

Patients concerned with sensitivity, however, may be given a whitener that allows them to spread out the whitening treatment, by wearing it for only thirty minutes, twice a day, such as Day White Excel 3.

Both treatments can help drastically whiten smiles using a carbamide peroxide gel, which ranges from 7.5 to 22 percent strength. Your cosmetic dentist can help you determine which is the best treatment for you based on the degree of staining, your time constraints, schedule, and level of dental sensitivity.

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