A Second Opinion Can Be Reassuring

second opinion reassuring

Dental care can be confusing especially if a diagnosis comes with an extensive and expensive plan for treatment. Your dentist has the best intentions, but sometimes a second opinion can be valuable. All dentists come from a variety of background with different experience and training. A second opinion can offer different treatment options, so that you make an educated opinion on what is best for you. When deciding on a treatment plan, you should feel comfortable to make an informed decision. 

Some reasons you may want a second opinion

  • You have received a major diagnosis, such as oral cancer
  • You need to see a specialist
  • You have doubts or feel uncomfortable
  • Your diagnosis is confusing
  • You are unsure about the treatment
  • You are embarking on a drastic change
  • The proposed plan is expensive
  • You want to make permanent cosmetic changes

Only commit when you feel confident

There is no need to feel uncomfortable when telling your dentist that you wish to seek a second opinion. Dentists often seek opinions from their colleagues. Most dentists would be happy to refer a patient to another dentist for a second opinion. In fact, Dr. Fondriest acts as a referral destination and consultant for other dentists.

Dr. Fondriest can provide a first or second opinion on your dental issues

To schedule a first or second opinion consultation, call Lake Forest Dental Arts at (847) 234-0517. We welcome patients from the North Shore area of Chicago and the surrounding communities.

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