3 Ways to Keep a Smile Healthy Home This Holiday

Healthy Smile Tips for the Holidays

Will you soon be opening your home to loved ones from near and far, all in an effort to celebrate this festive season, together, as a family? If so, you may have cleaning and decorating on the brain, but while you’re making your shopping lists, and checking it twice, consider the ways you could also help to keep your whole family healthy, this holiday season. Disinfectant sprays are great for killing germs on the surfaces of your home, but what about your family’s smiles? To help ensure everyone heads into the new year with healthy teeth and gums, take these simple steps to protect their oral health!

1. Provide Plenty of Water

While many people reach for cocoa, cider and other hot drinks during the holiday season, it is important to supply plenty of fresh water, as well. Water is essential to oral health, both because it prevents irritating dry mouth, and also because it helps the body to produce saliva, a natural defense against plaque buildup.

So, whether you stock up on bottled water, or use a filter for your fridge or carafe, just make sure you have plenty of water to give your guests, both with meals, snacks, and simply while conversing. (And make sure you are drinking water throughout each day, as well!)

2. Set Out Healthy Snack Options

Another simple way to protect smiles is by starting each meal with healthy appetizers, like fresh vegetables and fruits. Not only can these help people feel full faster, they can actually help to gently clean the teeth, and many are excellent sources of water, as well.

You can make veggie trays feel more exciting by displaying green veggies to look like a Christmas tree, or cauliflower in the shape of a snowman. Or, up the excitement factor by supplying accompanying treats like a cheese platter, or dips like ranch, hummus and peanut butter.

3. Stock Up on Extra Dental Care Products

If you’ll be hosting overnight guests, over the holidays, be sure to stock up on a few extra toothbrushes, tubes of toothpaste and floss. You never know what people will forget at home. Help them care for their smiles by keeping a few key items, like these, on hand.

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