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Could Flossing Help Keep Your Smile Healthier?

Want to Know If Flossing Is Really Important?

Are you an avid tooth brusher but only an occasional flosser? Worse, do you actually only floss rarely, if ever at all? Many people think that diligent tooth brushing can help to prevent cavities and other dental problems, without the need for flossing. Some also consider mouthwash to be an acceptable substitute for flossing. Basically,… Read more »

Are You Noticing Tooth Sensitivity?

Summertime means ice cold watermelon and 4th of July ice cream. Cold foods can make us more aware of tooth sensitivity. Sometimes this is a minor inconvenience, and can be prevented by changes in diet. If it becomes annoying, there are steps you can take at home (for example, changing your toothpaste) that may help…. Read more »