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Still Tired After a Full Night’s Sleep? Could Be Time to See the Dentist

Time for Porcelain Veneers

If you’ve been waking up exhausted, no matter how much sleep you get, it could be because the quality of rest is lacking. Many adults suffer from a condition called bruxism without even knowing it. Bruxism is nighttime and subconscious tooth grinding. Over time this can create a number of problems for your smile and… Read more »

How Bruxism Affects You

When it comes to your oral system, there are a lot of little parts that make up a single functioning unit. For this reason, it is very important that every portion of your smile and its supportive structures are taken care of and monitored over time. In some cases, patients may find that they suffer from… Read more »

Are Your Teeth Causing You Headaches?

Do you get frequent headaches? Headaches are a common malady. One in every eight Americans suffer recurring headaches. According to research, 80 percent of those headaches are caused by muscular tension. But did you know that your tension headache may be coming from your teeth and jaw?  Today, your Lake Forest Dentist, Dr. Fondriest discusses how your… Read more »

What Your Oral Health Can Tell You

Your body is made up of many different systems. But no one system exists in and of itself. Each system is dependent on the others. For instance, your brain (nervous system) tells your heart to beat (circulatory system). Our muscles, skin, and organs rely on our skeletal system (our bones) to hold them up, but… Read more »

Which Comes First Depression Or Tooth Loss?

Are you depressed and anxious because you are experiencing tooth loss, or are you experiencing tooth loss due to feelings of depression and anxiety? It is commonly held that your dental health is associated with your overall health, as well as your emotional well-being. Periodontal disease has been linked to conditions such as diabetes, heart… Read more »