Start the Year with a Bright Smile Through Teeth Bleaching

Enjoy a Bright Smile in 2017

Did you spend a great deal of time this year feeling insecure, because of visible staining on the surface of your teeth? Discoloration is common, particularly as people age. That is because the teeth’s surface enamel is strong, but porous. This means that over time, stains can begin to penetrate the enamel, leading to noticeable… Read more »

Could a Dental Crown Improve Your Smile?

Could a dental crown Help Your Smile?

Are you tired of suffering dental discomfort, due to an untreated cavity? Tired of feeling embarrassed by a noticeably chipped or cracked front tooth? You may already realize that restorative dentistry could help address your sensitivity and improve your comfort, after suffering from tooth damage or decay. But did you know that many restorations can… Read more »

Could Flossing Help Keep Your Smile Healthier?

Want to Know If Flossing Is Really Important?

Are you an avid tooth brusher but only an occasional flosser? Worse, do you actually only floss rarely, if ever at all? Many people think that diligent tooth brushing can help to prevent cavities and other dental problems, without the need for flossing. Some also consider mouthwash to be an acceptable substitute for flossing. Basically,… Read more »