The Impact of Soda on Your Smile

If you reach for a soda every time you’re thirsty, you’re doing damage to your teeth that you might not be aware of. Even though sodas are refreshing, the acid content found in this carbonated beverage is very high and, therefore, very bad for your smile. This acid can contribute to plaque on your teeth… Read more »

Gum Disease and Your Heart

The most widespread dental condition among American adults is periodontal (gum) disease. This particular oral problem is also directly connected to several serious general health problems, including Alzheimer’s, diabetes, and pregnancy and birth complications. Periodontal disease has also been linked to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke. Watch the video below of famed… Read more »

No Preparation Veneers that Are Not Chiclets

A few years ago, some Hollywood and Nashville stars had no prep veneers placed, but the result was a bulky, unnatural looking smile that looked bigger than it should. Remember the gum called Chiclets? The veneers looked like white pieces of Chiclet gum, so no prep veneers took on the moniker Chiclets. It was not… Read more »

A Smile Makeover Isn’t Frivolous

Nice people like to think that it’s what’s on the inside that really counts – and to some degree, this sentiment is absolutely true. However, when it comes to first impressions, values, integrity, and passion are not easy to identify in a person. A poll by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry found, people with… Read more »

Halitosis Overshadows a Beautiful Smile

In cosmetic dentistry, we rave about the benefits of a gorgeous smile. Studies show, an attractive smile makes a person appear smarter, more successful, friendlier, and a bright smile can even earn a higher salary. While a sensational smile holds amazing power, one small problem can sabotage your beauty: bad breath. We’ve all been in… Read more »

Another Option for Overcoming Dental Phobia and Fear

In honor of World Mental Health Day, we’re talking about fear of the dentist and dental phobia. Although they’re not usually associated with the conventional idea of mental health, feelings of fear and anxiety fall into the general mental health category. Anything that causes you to feel afraid, anxious, or uneasy is directly related to… Read more »

What does “occlusion” mean?

Do you suffer from constant jaw, head, or neck pain? If so, it’s possible that your discomfort stems from a misaligned jaw. If you’ve heard your dentist use the word “occlusion,” he or she is referring to how your teeth meet when you open and close your mouth. Your bite relationship is reliant on several… Read more »

Young Mayan Woman Recieves Cosmetic Dental Implants

I want to share with you a little story. Six hundred years ago, a Mayan woman in her mid-20s was embarrassed by three missing teeth. She hid her smile, even at Hanal Pixan festivals. She asked the local medicine man what to do about the missing teeth, and he suggested dental implants. Well, he suggested… Read more »

The neck bone’s connected to the head bone…

If you were asked to name the bones in the human body, what would be the first few answers out of your mouth? Skull? Ribs? Humerus? Femur? What about your teeth? Yes, your teeth are bones, but they often get neglected when it comes to thinking about the human skeleton. The bottom line is: Your… Read more »

Trivia You Can Sink Your Teeth Into

Dentistry isn’t as boring as you may think. Sure, dentists wear white lab coats — which may seem boring — and they enjoy reading about science and technology, but that shouldn’t skew your view of dentistry. The mouth is an amazing place! Did you know? • Our teeth are the most durable part of the… Read more »